Well, we search the market for you so you don’t have to. “But, I already have a broker who does that for me!”, I hear you say!

Would it come as a surprise that many do not do this for you?

It takes a lot of work to review this properly for you.

So, why do some brokers not conduct a market review for you? Are they lazy? Do they not have enough time or do they have a managed renewal with the holding insurer.

That cannot be right, can it?

And how do we know this happens?

Well, this has happened twice this week and many times before to be honest.

As we hunt for new business many of these opportunities are ‘looked after’ by brokers. Its only after we get involved and offer a far more competitive solution that the holding broker suddenly stirs into action and states ‘I can do that for you’!

That is just not good enough is it!

We have a renewals department and our clients get a full review each and every year.

The result is the customer gets the very best solution and we stand proud and keep the client.

Give us 10 minutes of your time and lets make sure your broker is doing what they should be doing!