*We generate our own leads.


*ICO registered


*Data refreshed monthly


*GDPR compliant – yes we have consent.


Our Lead Generation team are ‘THE’main reason we’re just touching £2 million of new business in 18 months. This started with just one sales person. Four months later we had two and three months after that we had three. We have one AR out in the field who joined us 9 months ago.


Some going from a standing start.(albeit with over a quarter of a century of experience)


My question is this;


How many FCA regulated companies monitor where their AR’s source their leads from…especially over the phone? Are those lead generators ICO registered? Where is the data from? Is it GDPR compliant? Do those lead generators have consent?


Lastly, are calls recorded, do they transmit the regulatory statements? Do they feel they have any to make if the calls are not recorded?


By generating our own leads we know we are conducting our business the correct way. And yes, it’s expensive but, it’s done correctly! ICO and FCA registered and YES, all our “calls are recorded for training and monitoring”. Those calls are listened to! Bad habits are recognised. Incorrect statements come to light. We address these issues every day and make sure they are factual.


What is my point or question?


So, where does the responsibility lie? With the AR who throws £50 a lead, cash in hand, or the company they trade under. Who monitors them? Who listens to their calls? Who has the customers best interests at heart?


Recent rumblings would suggest that these practices are going to be investigated. About time to!