With over 25 years working in the Private Healthcare industry it was a huge and exciting decision to move away from being ‘single tied’ to being an Intermediary. We successfully continue our Lead Generation side which supports major accounts but, being an intermediary has been revelatory. What we achieve for our clients can be nothing short of sensational, whether they are moving to a new insurer or, staying with their current provider.

We have grown sensibly and at a pace where the customer still receives our unrivalled attention. My plan for this year was to have 3 sales people internally and a couple working out on the road under our umbrella.

The target was to touch £1 million of in force API by the end of year one!


So, I have 2 sales internally (along with myself) and one out on the road and therefore not reaching that target.


Well, that target has well and truly been ‘SMASHED’ two months early as we surpassed the £1 million mark.

I am immensely proud of everyone who has worked tirelessly to achieve this and incredibly proud of what our clients say about us. The support received from most of the insurers is brilliant and our heroes, not directly involved in Dragonfly,  should be equally as proud as their activity elsewhere in the business allows our achievements to be fully realised.

This is a huge thank you to our family (because that’s what our employees are to us), we couldn’t have done this without you!