Having spent over 25-years tied to offering insurance options from one provider, I still question why we didn’t become directly authorised by the FCA (Financial Conducts Authority) sooner.

There was definitely an element of being in our comfort zone, after all we knew the products, and the people we dealt with like the back of our hands. However, Alison and I had, for years, become jaded by the lack of customer care and regular contact given to individuals and businesses once they became customers. We were becoming increasingly frustrated as we knew there were better deals in the market, yet we weren’t able to provide these as options. Add to this a lack of pro-activeness to find better deals for customers upon renewal, we knew that we had to become directly authorised and have the freedom to offer the high standards of service, along with a breadth of product choices that we wanted to deliver.

Don’t get me wrong. There are good insurance brokers – like us – out there. You may even be fortunate enough to work with one right now. But, the reality is that for every customer-focused and pro-active insurance broker out there, there’s plenty of others that just aren’t interested in delivering long-term care and support. These are the ones that you won’t hear from throughout the year until your insurance is due for renewal. Even at that point, they most likely recommend you stick to the plan you are already on.

If your insurance broker is the latter, then we’re here to provide you with the products and service that you so rightly deserve. By all means get in touch and we are happy to discuss your current plan to determine if this is still the best fit and price for your requirements. If it is then great.

If it isn’t, then obviously we’d like the opportunity to work with you. If you decide to take these details to your current provider, by all means do, however we ask that you consider this; do you want to stay with a broker that may not have access to the wider market, hasn’t been pro-active in identifying new and better deals for you or you don’t hear from throughout the year?

What have you got to lose? Let us make sure your broker is doing what is best for you. We require very little information to conduct a review and it isn’t all about changing you from your current provider. It’s about what is best for you as an individual or a company.

Kind regards

Clive Gorman