It’s not always easy running a business and it’s not always easy keeping everyone happy. We recently took on two people on the Kickstart programme and we thought we would share what they have just said about Alison Gorman and Clive Gorman, the staff and how they feel. All we can say is wow!
“Joining C & A Healthcare through the Kickstart Placement Scheme has been far greater than our initial expectations. Hearing the word ‘Telesales’ was intimidating but our experience has been far from the stereotypical call centre horror stories. Initially, we were both incredibly nervous using the telephone but thanks to the constant support and guidance from the telecanvassing team around us, our confidence has grown. We quickly figured out that our concerns about the job role were not necessary, the role is to book appointments with customers rather than pushing a product forward. We had a flexible two-month training period in which we were encouraged to move at our own pace, this included part-time hours and one-on-one supervision. Joining a company in a role that we had no experience with could have felt like being thrown in the deep end but that was never something we struggled with due to support in place. There is no pressure to achieve targets that feel impossible, Clive always says “One eager appointment is better than 10 reluctant ones.” Booking an appointment is always celebrated by the whole team with cheers and congratulations, as Alison says “Winning!”

In addition, coming to work never feels like a chore, the environment feels like working with family and friends due to the small number of employees and the friendly atmosphere. Even on days where the work feels hard all it takes is a quick story from Clive’s past to relieve the stress. Clive and Alison are always around to listen to any problems we have; talking to them is easy because they don’t feel any different to us. They are kind and considerate bosses who understand their employees are human, sometimes we have bad days but as long as we try our best, they continue to support us. Alison even makes time, despite her busy schedule, to check up on us and ensure the wellbeing of her staff. She goes the extra mile to help them out, whether that’s helping them complete high school admission forms for their children or helping us figure out our path in life. Though the work has its ups and downs, as all customer service roles do, C & A Healthcare ensures there are a lot more ups than there are downs, and we are so grateful that we have been able to experience working here.”
Rhiannon & Elle
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