At Dragonfly Crowd, we put YOU, our customers, first!

Hi. We’re Husband and Wife team, Clive and Alison. Between us we have over 45 years experience in the industry and pride ourselves on offering tailored support to all our customers. We aim to make the search for health insurance as easy as possible. Whether you are looking to protect you, your family or your employees, we aim to do the hard work for you.

Our extensive knowledge of underwriting and understanding of insurance products, enables us to work solely for the benefit of the customer; you. We treat you how we would treat our own family members and you deal with us directly; no call centre team at Dragonfly Crowd.

Clive and Alison, Founders of Dragonfly Crowd

We are your personal comparison site and there is absolutely no incentive for our team to choose one provider over another. Important? We think so!

We don’t take the approach of get a quick sale and move onto the next. At Dragonfly Crowd, our focus is on developing long-term relationships with our customers. Insurance products can be a minefield and this is where our expertise comes into play. We search the marketplace and compare all the providers in real-time so we know at any point in time what is available to support you.

Our strong relationship with the insurance providers means there are always offers we can tell you about such as Free Mental Health, Free months, 2 year fixed premiums, Free Dental & Optical, discounted premiums which is always a Brucie Bonus!