It is all about doing what is best for the client isn’t it? There is a common misconception that Intermediaries just want to change the insurer because that is what suits the business. Well, Dragonfly Crowd disagrees.

A recent discussion with a potential new client brought about a fantastic result for them.

Briefly, the client had some serious pre-existing conditions which meant that they were unable to change insurer. However, the premiums had become excessive and the client was considering ceasing their cover.

We discussed allowing Dragonfly Crowd becoming his intermediary and seeing if we could negotiate his premiums on his behalf. I won’t lie, it took some persuading and there was a touch of suspicion but, the upshot was that after discussing his cover, making some minor benefit changes and negotiating with the insurer, we saved him over £2,000 per annum and secured 2 months free.

This was so satisfying to manage such a result for the client and needless to say, we have one very happy client who is still insured.

It doesn’t get much better than this!